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A 64-card illustrated deck to help you access your inner wisdom and make decisions with confidence is available now!!!

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The wisdom of
the Taoist I Ching reimagined 

  • Easy-to-use cards to ask questions and receive guidance
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Learn to feel comfortable with change
  • Uplifted, empowering language
  • 64 beautiful cards in a rainbow of colors with unique patterns and gold-foil edges

  • 100-page full-color guidebook

  • Magnetic-closure book box ​

How it works

The Modern I Ching Oracle Cards

Timeless wisdom for how we live today

The I Ching (pronounced E-Ching) or the Book of Changes is an ancient book of wisdom and guidance on how to live life fully and nobly, while managing the constant change of life’s ups and downs. It acts as guide and oracle answering the question of how to be your best self in any given situation. How do you handle a tough conversation with your partner? How do you find a career that is fulfilling? How do you be the best you, you can be?

Access your INNER WISDOM
THRIVE in the face of change
Make decisions with CONFIDENCE

The I Ching is made up of 64 hexagrams, a combination of 6 straight and broken lines, that encompass all of life’s experiences and comprise all the possible combinations of Yin and Yang. The Modern I Ching Oracle card deck reimagines the I Ching for how we live today. Each hexagram is manifested on it’s own card with the guidance right on the card. The copy is easy-to-understand, empowering and optimistic. No archaic vocabulary. No confusing metaphors to decipher. Just ask a question and pull a card to access your inner wisdom and be guided on the best way forward.

This is a hexagram 

Creative Power Card  Hexagram 1.png

Easy-to-understand empowering guidance appears right on the card. No confusing metaphors to decipher.

Unique patterns and colors evoke the meaning of the hexagram

Hexagram 1 — Creative Power

64 Hexagram cards

IChing kickstarter images_680px_B3.jpg
Hexagram 2 — Receptive Power
IChing kickstarter images_680px_B4.jpg
Hexagram 22 — Grace
23-splitting apart_edited.jpg
Hexagram 23 — Splitting Apart
IChing kickstarter images_680px_B5.jpg
Hexagram 30 — Radiance
Hexagram 60 — Limitation
61-inner truth.jpg
Hexagram 61 — Inner Truth
IChing kickstarter images_Multicards.jpg
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